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Buyer Information:

business womanSouthern Mergers typically represents the seller in most transactions. However, we do occasionally represent buyers, especially with selected private equity groups on larger transactions. We also perform some acquisition searches for buyers. We make sure all buyers understand the buying process and are comfortable in working with us. A number of topics are covered, including the importance of confidentiality, understanding business valuation, and how recast earnings and discretionary cash flow are calculated.

We understand that a transaction is only going to be successful if we create a win-win deal for all parties. When we first come into contact with you, we gather information about your personal background, work experience, hobbies, any current or former business holding, geographic preferences, business interests, etc. This is very important because it affects what other businesses we may introduce to you in addition to the original business about which you initially inquired. Very few buyers end up buying the business they first called us about. Southern Mergers has relationships with many businesses that may be available for only specific buyers. As a result, many of the businesses we sell are never advertised or listed on the internet.

After you have submitted a Confidentiality Agreement confidentialand provided us with information about your financial ability, resume (if available), and interests, we provide you with information that may be of interest to you. For those businesses you wish to visit, we arrange and attend meetings with you. If you have continued interest after our initial meeting, some additional information may then be provided. Should you decide you would like to make an offer on the business, we work with you during the process. Any accepted offer will most likely include some contingencies. We work with you during the due diligence period through closing, suggesting third party lenders and other professionals while working with your advisors.

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