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About Southern Mergers & Acquisitions

Over the past two decades, the principals of Southern Mergers and Acquisitions positioned themselves as the dominant brokerage firm in the Carolinas.  Southern Mergers’ team continued to grow and expand throughout the Southeast, incorporating business sales in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia, and eventually establishing northern Florida as corporate headquarters. 

We continue to specialize in the sale of manufacturing, distribution and service related businesses.  The majority of our transactions fall within the $1 Million to $25 Million range, however, we broker all types of businesses priced both win-win business transactionsabove and below these amounts.

Professional Experience

We are members of the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) and The M&A Source, the largest mergers and acquisitions network in the world. Our sister company Sunbelt Business Brokers of Jacksonville/St. Augustine is part of The Sunbelt Network with hundreds of offices nationwide.  Southern Mergers’ managing partner, Bill Law, obtained the IBBA professional designation of Certified Business Intermediary in 1997.  He has been a licensed real estate broker and broker in charge for over two decades. 

Prior to becoming a full time business broker in 1992, Mr. Law was an accountant and auditor.  His wealth of knowledge in understanding tax issues, extraordinary people skills and general knack for deal creativity have helped hundreds of business owners transfer their business to purchasers while saving them millions of dollars in taxes.

buying and selling businessDiversified Business Broker Experience

We have sold just about every kind of business imaginable.  Provided the company is not a start up entity, we assist all types of business owners in the sale process. Our vast experience includes our smallest transaction involving the resale of a franchise business to a first time buyer and our largest transaction, a $50,000,000 manufacturing company to a private equity group.  However, many of our business transactions are industrial related involving sales to corporate buyers that are often strategic in nature.  We encourage you to view some of the transactions our staff has been involved with over the years.  (click here for transaction experience).

Many of the businesses we have sold have never officially been on the market or seen on the internet, and occasionally, business owners have instructed Southern Mergers only to bring them specifically qualified buyers. 

Reputation for Win-Win Business Transactions

We understand selling or buying a business is often the largest financial decision many of our clients will ever make in their lifetime.  Choosing an experienced intermediary is an extremely important step.  Southern Mergers understands completely that the only deals that get done are those where both parties feel equitably compensated and those which culminate in a win-win situation. 

All parties must feel they were treated fairly,businesses on the map ethically and professionally.  Obviously, a Seller wants to obtain maximum value for his company.  Southern Mergers helps business owners obtain full value for their business and structure the deal with the most favorable tax friendly terms.

Southern Mergers begins this process by recasting the business owner’s statements and determining true cash flow or adjusted earnings.  We then assist the business owner in determining a fair market value, marketing the business confidentially and professionally, and carefully screening buyers in order to ultimately bring forth the right buyer for the business.  Usually, the owner of a business is interested in procuring a buyer who will not only pay a fair price, but will also take good care of his/her employees and continue to carry on the business in good standing.  For a successful sale to occur, the buyer and seller must personally like and trust one another.  Southern Mergers fully understands this and we strive to provide optimal service to both sellers and buyers while transacting each sale.